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The Intercollegiate Studies Institute is an educational organization whose mission is to inspire college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous. To prepare young people for a lifetime of leadership, ISI teaches student members the core ideas behind the free market, the American Founding, and Western civilization; connects them with top professors and leaders in business, politics, and journalism; introduces them to like-minded students from around the country; offers leadership opportunities in on-campus ISI Societies and student-run publications; and provides unique internship and fellowship opportunities. ISI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. [Source]

For more than 30 years, the Collegiate Network has supported independent college newspapers, magazines and journals that serve to focus public awareness on the politicization of American college and university classrooms, curricula, student life, and the resulting decline of educational standards. Each year publications across the country enjoy the benefits of a membership with the CN. Member publications have earned reputations for both in-depth reporting and witty commentary. They serve to raise the level of discourse on campus and provide an outlet for students to keep university faculty and administrations honest. Many prominent journalists have got their start by working for a CN publication.
The CN is a program administered by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. [Source]