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Letter from the Editors - February 2018

posted Feb 23, 2018, 6:40 PM by RSO The Fenwick Review   [ updated Feb 23, 2018, 6:40 PM ]
Dear Reader,

Thank you for picking up a copy of The Fenwick Review.

The Board of Trustees has decided that we will continue to call ourselves Crusaders. The discussion took a year, and elicited an unprecedented number of responses. There was no lack of student input —fishbowl discussion, campus events, articles in this publication and others, listening sessions and the online comment forms saw to that. Indeed, at the beginning it seemed to be a lot easier for people who objected to the nickname to make their voice heard than it ever was for those of us who opposed the change.

We don’t imagine it will be an entirely painless decision for the Board; portions of the faculty will be enraged, and a small minority of students will be upset. Listening to their complaints, and suffering the bad press, cannot be altogether pleasant. In spite of that, they reached a decision in accord with the traditions of Holy Cross, the College’s identity, and the desire of most alumni and a significant portion of the student body. We are grateful for their common sense.

Whereas our issues last semester generally focused on issues closer to home, this fourth issue focuses heavily on political and cultural affairs. Mr. Brennan and Mr. Christ both offer their comments on the political affairs of the moment: DACA and Donald Trump’s first 13 months in office, respectively. In his first article for the Fenwick Review, Mr. Foley considers the concept of masculinity in contemporary culture. Mr. Rosenwinkel turns his attention to the cultural touchstone of “tolerance,” and dissects its relationship to love. Mr. Hanley discusses the latest manifestations of the “culture of deceit,” in Donald Trump and Michael Wolff. Mr. Giangiordano offers a spiritual reflection on the importance of the four last things. Mr. Raheb picks up on the theme of Holy Cross’s traditions with an article about the time capsule recently unearthed in the Hart Center.

Finally, we offer our thanks as usual to Professor David Schaefer, our faculty moderator; to Ms. Raymond, whose artwork adorns our cover for the tenth consecutive issue; and to Mr. Giangiordano, our uncredited copy editor.

Pontifications complete and genuflections made, we’re delighted to present this issue to you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Bill Christ, ‘18
Claude Hanley, ‘18

Editors in Chief